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  If you need Armed Uniformed Security Guards, Private Investigators, Executive Protection,  Bodyguards and Open Source Intelligence or Process Servers

                                            Call Customer Service 855-589-2267

                         Maryland Private Detective Agency License # 106-4352

               New York State Private Investigation Agency License #11000165760

                  We are licensed, bonded and insured in Maryland  and New York  

Public Security LLC is a private security, intelligence and investigation firm licensed in New York and Maryland. It is also a registered business in the Commonwealth of Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Public Security LLC has provided private security services to a wide array of venues and events including the "2016 Across The Bay 10K" which is the 5th largest running event of its kind in the United States. Public Security LLC also provided armed protection to United States critical infrastructure, provided armed security escorts during the 2015 Baltimore Riots, provided pro bono protection for crime victims and elderly persons in the local community and confidential executive protection to high risk clients in need of protection.  

They have acted as neutral negotiators and dispute resolution advisors between competing political campaigns. The firm prides itself on integrity, impartiality and confidentiality regarding all of its operations for their clients. Public Security LLC actively monitors open source intelligence regarding world conflicts, foreign intelligence and military strengths of nations. Public Security LLC formulates threat assessments and hypothesis of future outcomes of conflicts.

Other ventures under the scope of Public Security LLC is legal process services, private investigations and Fire Guard / Fire Watch services. Most recently in 2016, a division of the firm began firearms training for its clients.

Public Security LLC has reserve on-call security protective teams ready to deploy to war zones based on client needs. 

                                                         Traffic Control Services

                We provide Traffic Safety Control Officers and Flag Persons for your 

                       construction zone, Lane closures,  private event or venue. 


Public Security LLC is led by a former member of the U.S. Secret Service.  We are licensed in Maryland and New York. 

If you need flag persons for a construction zone, consider using Public Security LLC. Our prices are competitive and you will not have a drop in standards or professionalism.

We use law enforcement type security vehicles to provide traffic control services for all your needs.  We can also provide wide load escorts and road or parade escorts. 

The benefit of using Public Security for all your needs is that our staff are licensed, insured, bonded and credentialed private Security Officers and Private Detectives.  This provides our clients with an extra level of competency, trust integrity. 

                                           Parking Enforcement Services

If you have issues with abandon vehicles in your lot or you have serious tenant parking issues, we are the right company for you.

We will work with your private towing company and achieve the desired results.

We will also issue violators your private violation notices to limit the severity of your parking dilemma. 

             Did you receive a NOTICE TO COMPLY From Public Security LLC?

You or a vehicle you operate may have been issued a Notice To Comply from one of our Security Officers or Private Detectives for the reason or reasons noted on the notice. 

Most importantly, you do not pay us a fine or fee when missed a notice. This notice serves as a private legal document, warning and notification tool for alleged violators to comply with one or more of the following:

*Business Association By-Laws and rules as they apply on private property. 

*Home Owner Association By-Laws and rules as they apply on private property

*Municipal code and laws

*State Law

*Federal Law

*Private parking enforcement rules on commercial private property

             Actions we take when the alleged violations continue:

Most notices issued are only friendly reminders and no action is taken. 

We may return for a re-inspection in order to see if the alleged violation has ceased and has been corrected. 

We may ask you to contact us for clarification regarding the alleged violation.

Repeat violators to the above-mentioned laws may have civil or criminal action taken through the appropriate court or prosecuting authority. 

In the case of parking enforcement, towed without your consent to enforce parking rules and regulations on private property.

We may take video and photographic evidence of alleged violations to use for evidence in a potential legal court case. 

We may interview witnesses that may have observed alleged violations in order to use their testimony in the appropriate court. 

We may gather and record other evidence within legal means to support a case in a legal court to stop an action, obtain compliance or to with Law Enforcement authorities to criminally charge serious violators of criminal laws. 


                                        RESULT IN LEGAL COURT  ACTION

                                            If your vehicle has been towed:

Check the immediate area of the parking lot where you parked for signs that state which towing enforcement company serves that specific parking lot. 

Call the number on the sign and verify that your car had been towed. If you are unable to locate your vehicle and the tow company has not towed it, consider contacting the Police to report your vehicle stolen. 

                              For vehicles that may have been towed from 

                    #40 and #42 Hudson Street in Annapolis, Maryland

As of January 2019, the towing company that removes from the property is Top Notch Towing and Transportation LLC. They can be reached at 410-224-4808

If your vehicle was abandoned on the property or had no license plates on it, your vehicle may have also been towed by Temple Towing 202-738-7220

Corrective Measures

When a NOTICE TO COMPLY is issued, there are corrective measures noted on the notice that need to be complied with or further action will be taken against the alleged violator.

We respectfully request that those who receive a notice, comply with the corrective measures noted on the notice immediately. 

Some Corrective Measure Examples:  

*Remove a stored vehicle from a parking lot.

*Remove vehicle with no license plates or expired license plates. 

*Cease parking a vehicle illegally or not in compliance with by-laws.

*Cease behavior that is a nuisance to others. 

*Cease violating community by-laws

*Cease breaking municipal, state or federal laws

*Cease driving in excess of the posted speed limits on private property. 

Copies of notices are retained as evidence to serve as a legal document for potential future legal action if needed. 


                                                 MILITARY PERSONNEL

               Are you a Leaving On Extended Travel,  Vacation or TDY?

If so, you need someone you can trust to handle your matters at home

                              Call Our Customer Service 855-589-2267

                                              We serve and protect:

                                                    Police Officers                                   

                                  Department of Defense Employees

                                           Intelligence Community

                                                 Military Members

                               United States Government Employees

                                       Top Secret Clearance Holders

                                              Pentagon Employees

We provide PCS and TDY deployment Assistance Services in New York, New   

Jersey, Pennsylvania, Deleware, Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC

We provide trusted relocations services, errand services, property supervision, pet care services, house checks, health and welfare checks, security, investigations, surveillance and more for you and your family during your PCS or TDY. 

       We also assist with employee disciplinary actions

             Keep our phone number in your cell phone

             855-589-2267. We can also be contacted    

        internationally on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

We understand the obligations of top secret clearance     

                  Staff and how to keep confidentiality.

                Tell us your needs with minimum details. 


             Barry Donadio, President of Public Security LLC     

" If you need to, call me directly on my cell phone 202-631-1163"

We provide PERSONAL ASSISTANT SERVICES. This means that we are your designated representative for completing your personal matters before you depart on your TDY or PCS.  We handle your arrival back to also, making both ends of your PCS or TDY easy and smooth. 

We can help you run errands and get things done.

*Secure a vehicle for you.

*Obtain a house for you.

*Obtain a furnished apartment for you. 

*Packing or helping with moving.


*Pet assistance.

*Even pick up the clothes at the dry cleaner.

*Represent you as a General Manager and protect your interests.

Let us know what it takes to make your TDY departure or arrival smoother. it takes, We got your back!

                                   Email us your needs now!


                          Security For Congress and other Politicians

                                  U.S. GOVERNMENT  CONTRACTOR

We provide Executive Protection, Bodyguards and Armed Private Security for members of the United States Congress in Maryland, Washington DC, New York and overseas locations. Public Security LLC has been pre-cleared by the Sergeant at Arms of the U.S. House of Representatives at the U.S Capitol building.

Call 202-631-1153 now for immediate private security services.


                    Maryland Private Detective Agency License # 106-4352

       New York State Private Investigation Agency License #11000165760