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Public Security LLC is a United States Veteran owned Private Security Firm. We offer the highest level of trust and confidence to our clients. We can secure large scale events and provide professional security for all your private security needs. No event is too small or large for us. We can provide armed and unarmed security on foot, bicycle and foot patrols. perimeter security, detector services at all

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Maryland Private Detective Agency License # 106-4352

New York State Private Investigation Agency License #11000165760

Public Security LLC Protected Maryland's Bay Bridge Run In 2016


When the organizers of the "Across The Bay10K" needed a serious security expert they contacted Barry Donadio. He is the President of Public Security LLC. This is private security and investigation firm. They also provide security and event staff for large events. For many of Mr. Donadio's clients, the choice to pick him and his company easy. He is a seasoned former member of the U.S. Secret Service and Military War Veteran. "He certainly knows what he is doing. " said an unidentified Public Security LLC client.

Public Security LLC is licensed to provide armed security and private investigations services in Maryland, Washington DC and New York. They are a registered U.S. Government Contractor and are also registered to do business with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. (NATO)

Most recently, they have registered to do business and provide other services in Virginia and Pennsylvania. They even provide Fire Guards for clients as well as a highly professional Concierge Staff.

For the November 2016 "Across The Bay 10K" they provided over 65 Event Staff and Security Personnel to keep the event safe along with a twist of customer service added in by their lovely Staff.    

"My Staff have always accomplished their mission". "They are young, energetic, they provide security with a smile and they are very focused on assisting our clients." We have received a high recommendation from the "Across The Bay 10K" race organizers and we will continue to offer expertise to this client in the future." said company Donadio.

Mr. Donadio explained that the "Across The Bay 10K" event is actually the 5th largest 10K run event in the entire United States. The event requires extreme attention planning and execution of security and Event Staff duties and functions.

The event attracted over 22,000 participants and spectators. Even Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, his Staff many state and local Politicians were there. Public Security LLC maintained security for the VIP section at the finish line where many of these Politicians congregated. Mr. Donadio said that he had former members of the U.S. Secret Service, the U.S. Marine Corps, and even an active Physician present providing close security protection at the finish line. Mr. Donadio added, " I had a group of Security Agents out there during the event and superbly. I am very proud of the entire Security and Event Staff who covered this event. We had not one incident of criminal activity that I am aware of is because of the professionalism and command presence of our Officers."

Call our Customer Service at 855-589-2267